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Surplus/Used Semiconductor Equipment and OEM/2nd Source Spares Solutions

Justin BD&L, Inc. is providing you with surplus semiconductor equipment and OEM/2nd Source Spares at a price that will satisfy your reasonable budget in the shortest amount of time. By serving Front-End/Fabrication Tool sales, procurement, refurbishment/modification/installation/
decommission and licensing with a business philosophy that pursues the real value of its customers, Justin BD&L, Inc. is now offering you cost-effective solutions to maintain a competitive place in the Semiconductor Manufacturing/Foundry Industry.. 

The State of Art Clean Room Facility for Quality Refurbishment Service
    The Most Advanced Clean Room Facility
    for Equipment Refurbishment/Manufacutring near Seoul and Incheon Airport in Korea

       Clean Room Facility and R&D Center
        Class 1,000~10,000 Controlled Environment
        with DI Water, PCW, Air, Vacuum,
        and 3 Phase Power (450kW)
        3,910 square meter, 42,000 squre feet

       Refurbished Equipment Training Center
    New Equipment Demo Center

        Justin BD&L's Newly Developed Systems
        Refurbished TEL Mark 7,8 and ACT 8,12

Justin BD&L, Inc.'s Facility in Hwaseong, Korea
Clean Room Lease and Warehousing Available
Selling and Buying Surplus/Used Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
 -  Your Investment Recovery with full ranges of solutions including various financing options.

Refurbishment and Parts/Labor(Tier I, II) Support
 -  Justin BD&L, Inc. is your source of the following FAB/Front-End, Back-End, ATE and Measurement
Equipment/Spares/Technology Solutions :

     FAB/Front-End Equipment and Spares Solutions
Process OEM Model
Photo Litho
ASML Labor Service and Consumables Sale Only
Nikon, Canon Labor Service, Upgrade/Modification,
Parts Sales and g/i-Line Class Refurbishment
Photo Track
Spin Scrubber
SOG Coater
TEL (Track, Scrubber) Mark II, V, Vz, 7, 8 and ACT8, 12
DNS (Track, Scrubber)

636,629,60A/B, 80A/B, 200W
Remanufactured 80A/80B High Throughput Version

TOK, SVG All Models
UV Bake Axcelis-Fusion 150PCU, (M)200PCU, Gemini
Etch AMAT P5000, Centura5200
Lam Research Autoetch, Rainbow, TCP, A6
TEL TE8500, Unity Series DRM/SCCM
Ash Novellus-Gasonics L3500, L3510, PEP3510, Iridia, Gamma
Axcelis-Fusion 150ACU, 200ACU, Gemini
Ion Implant Axcelis-Eaton All Models
Varian, Varian-Genus All Models including Kestrel
Diffusion TEL Kokusai
Varian, Varian-Genus All Models
CVD AMAT P5000, Centura5200
Novellus Concept I, Concept II
WJ WJ99X, WJ1XXX Series
RTP/RTA AMAT Centura5200
Steag-Mattson-AST SHS2800, SHS2900
Steag-Mattson-AG AG Heatplus 4100/8008/8108
EPI AMAT 77XX, 78XX, Centura5200
ASM Epsilon Series
Gemini Gemini I,II,III, III-HT
PVD AMAT Endura 5500
Varian 3180, 3190, 3280, 3290, XM90, M2 Series
MRC Eclipse Star Series, Eclipse Star Mark Series
CHA Industry Mark 40, Mark 50
CMP AMAT Mirra, Mirra Mesa
Ebara EPO2226, EPO2228, EPO2228H, FREX200
SpeedFAM/IPEC Avanti 472, Avanti 676, Avanti 776
Metrology Hitachi, Jeol, FEI CDSEM, FESEM
KLA-Tencor-Thermawave TP Series and OP Series
KLA-Tencor-Inspex Wafer Inspection System
Wafer Sorter Asyst, Rorze, Irvine Wafer Sorter
New Wafer Sorter (150/200/300mm)
SMIF Solutions Asyst Asyst LPT2200 Series
Pumps All OEMs All Models (Roughing, Turbo, Cryo)
Chiller All OEMs All Models (Single, Dual Channels)

AMAT, Kensington, Brooks-PRI,
Rorze, Equip, Yaskawa,
Asyst, TEL, etc.

Robot Overhaul
RF Generators
RF Match
AE, ENI, Comdel, etc. RF Generators, Power Supplies
and RF Match
Back-End/Assembly Equipment and Spares Solutions
1) Back Grinder : Disco, Okamoto, K&S, etc.
2) Automatic Taper/Laminator : Nitto-Denko, Takatori, Lintec, etc.
3) Automatic Detaper, Tape Remover : Nitto-Denko, Takatori, Lintec, etc.
4) Bonder, Die Attach : K&S, Shinkawa, ESEC, Dage, Westbond, Hughes, Mech EL, etc.
5) Dicing Saw : Disco, Accretech-TSK, K&S, etc.
ATE/Automatic Test Equipment Solutions
1) Wafer Probe Station :
    A. Accretech-TSK
       a. Upgrade for Cold Chuck (-40'C) and Chiller Upgrade
       b. Upgrade for High Voltage Test (MOS-FET,IGBT)
       c. Modification to accept Square Type Probe Cards
   B. TEL/Tokyo Electron Limited.
       a. Upgrade for Cold Chuck (-40'C) and Chiller Upgrade
       b. Upgrade for High Voltage Test (MOS-FET,IGBT)
   C. EG/Electroglas
       a. Upgrade for Cold Chuck and Chiller Upgrade
       b. Upgrade for High Voltage Test (MOS-FET,IGBT)
2) Memory and Logic Tester : Advantest, Agilent, Teradyne, Schlumberger, LTX, etc.
Measurement Equipment
- Agilent/HP, Tektronix, Fluke, etc.
FAB/Fron-End Establishment, Expansion, and Clearance Project Solutions
 - Justin BD&L, Inc. offers project solutions in cases where
1) Establishment of New Fabrication Lines,
2) Expansion of Current FAB Capacity and
3) Disposal / manufacturing site clearance
in order to achieve the optimized price.

OEM/2nd Source Spare Parts Solutions
 -  Justin BD&L, Inc. is your source of OEM/2nd Source Spare Parts for your production requirement

Asset Valuation
 -  Justin BD&L, Inc. can meet your all valuation purposes such as M&A, Funding, Insolvency,
Internal Analysis, etc.

Total Logistics Solutions
 -  Justin BD&L, Inc. has served many customers with the excellent service of

Global Forwarding Network with Budgetary Price and Quality Forwarding Service
- USA, Korea, P.R. China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, U.K/Scotland,
   Ireland,   Germany, France, Italy


Moving-Out Service
- Decontamination, Decommission, Move-out Rigging,
   Crating, local/Overseas
  Freight Forwarding with Export License & Export Customs Clearance

3) Moving-In Service
- Import Customs Clearance, Floor Plan, Uncrating, Move-in Rigging,
  Tier 0 - Facility/Utility Hook-up
4) Turn-Key Logistics Solutions for FAB/Front-End Establishment, Expansion
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